motorcycle driver not wearing helmetIf you’re in a motorcycle accident, among the first questions the insurance provider can ask you is whether or not you wore a helmet.

Wearing a helmet has many advantages. They will, for example, protect you from serious head injuries such as traumatic brain injuries.

They have the potential to save your life.

They can, however, be financially beneficial to you.

Many motorcycle riders are unaware that their use of motorcycle helmets, or the lack thereof, is an important and often contentious aspect of motorcycle accident claims and litigation requiring a Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney.

Most states also have mandatory motorcycle helmet legislation that requires any motorcyclist to don a helmet at all times.

If you’ve been operating your motorcycle and get into an accident while not wearing a helmet, the other party’s insurance firm will almost certainly hold that factor against you and attempt to assign you a larger share of blame in the accident. You’ll need a lawyer who deals with personal injury North Las Vegas.

Your motorcycle case would almost certainly be harmed if you do not wear a helmet, so you should learn that personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas can help your case.

Keep reading to know more about motorcycle crashes and the impact of not wearing a helmet on your situation.

What Effect Does Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet Have on Motorcycle Accident Claims? 

The definition of negligence underpins all motorcycle accident claims.

If you’re in a motorcycle crash, you’ll need to show that the other individual was at fault in order for them to compensate you for your losses.

When assessing the claim, the insurers or the courts will consider a number of factors to determine liability.

What Insurers And The Court Look For After Motorcycle Collisions

They want to know you were speeding, turned without checking for oncoming traffic, we’re distracted, consumed illegal substances, got any citations on the spot, and whether you were sporting your helmet.

And if you were, they’d make certain it complied with all national safety regulations, so you’ll need a personal injury lawyer in Henderson Las Vegas to guide you.

Not wearing a helmet when riding your motorcycle, like riding or driving distracted, violates the duty of care to those on the road and may indicate liability or neglect in the eyes of the law.

The insurance provider will assign blame to each person involved until all the details of the case are checked off.

Even if you weren’t at fault for the crash, the insurance company would say that you are liable for the injury because you didn’t wear a helmet, but a Las Vegas accident lawyer can help.

They’ll say that if you’d been wearing a helmet, the damages would have been less serious, and you can be held 20% responsible.

Should I Defend Myself In A Motorcycle Accident Case

Dobberstein Law Group helps you refute claims that your lack of a helmet contributed to the seriousness of your injury; you’ll have to be able to present a significant amount of evidence.

Medical history and expert witness testimony are the two most critical pieces of documentation you’ll need.

You won’t be able to do this on your own, so you’ll need the assistance of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Your Las Vegas injury attorneys will gather all the medical records and secure legal evidence from a local medical specialist with expertise in the legal claims process.

If a medical specialist says lack of a helmet does not factor into your injuries, then your case is strong.

Motorcycle accident victims must never attempt to take on the insurers themselves as attorneys like Dobberstein Law Group know the intricacies of these types of cases and how to navigate around them.