Bicyclists and Automobile Drivers arguingAs an automobile driver, you are probably more used to roads that contain only other automobiles. You may then have trouble getting used to streets that also allow bicyclists unless you know the rules. You may also be a bicyclist who is unsure where to ride and what laws to follow. One thing is for sure: bicyclists and automobile drivers can share the road. There are laws and general rules that both must follow to successfully ride the streets together. We here at the Dobberstein Law Group would be more than happy to give you some of these rules.

Rules for Bicyclists

Bicyclists have to follow a lot of the same rules as drivers. You can’t operate a bike while intoxicated, and cyclists must obey the same various signs and signals. There are extra things cyclists must do to help them stay even more safe on the road from drivers, like wearing reflective clothing at night. That in addition to headlights on your bike will help automobile drivers see you on the street in the dark. Don’t forget to use your arm for turn signals and to stay in the flow of traffic. If, regardless of following all of the rules, you still get in an accident with a vehicle, then contact our LV car accident lawyer for assistance on getting compensation.

Laws for Automobile Drivers

Keep an eye out for the bicycle sign on the road that indicates that there may be bicyclists riding in that lane. Check your blind spot to see if there are any riding by you. If there is a bicyclist in front of you, then stay about three feet behind. When passing a bicyclist, make sure to do it on their left side. Try not to rush surpassing them; you may have to be patient and drive slowly behind them for a while before you have a chance to pass. In case you get in a car accident with a cyclist, be sure to talk to Vegas NV car accident lawyers to help you figure out what to do in your particular situation.

You could be the most careful driver or bicyclist on the road and still get in a wreck. No matter what, you can’t predict how other drivers and cyclists can be on the street. Even if it’s the other person’s fault, you must get an experienced attorney to help you. They could help you gather the evidence you need and receive even more compensation than if you fought the case alone. In a situation like this, you would need one of our lawyers from the Dobberstein Law Group. Our experienced LV car accident lawyer worked in many areas of personal injury cases, including automobile and bicycling accidents, so contact us today so we can get started on your case.