heart attack manA heart attack is a serious medical condition that is characterized by several symptoms including the following: chest ache, pressure in the center of the chest that may spread to the arm, throat pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain, feeling uncomfortable in the center of the chest that spreads to the arm, trouble breathing, fatigue, pain in the jaw, shortness of breath, nausea, cold sweats, disturbance in sleep, stomach pain, anxiety, and lightheadedness.

If you are driving and begin to experience symptoms related to a heart attack, the first thing you should do is slow own and try to find a way to get the vehicle on the side of the road or a safe place to stop the vehicle. If a passenger is with you during the medical emergency, ask the passenger to help steer the vehicle to a safe place. It is important to remember to stay calm during this time and call emergency medical services. If you have experienced an accident like this, a Las Vegas personal injury attorney may be able to help you navigate this situation.

Have you been involved in an auto accident that was caused due to a medical emergency, like a heart attack? Do you need a Las Vegas auto accident attorney? Heart Attacks are medical emergencies that can cause serious issues when they occur on the road. When a car accident happens due to a medical emergency like a heart attack, the driver may be able to use a sudden medical emergency defense. A sudden medical emergency defense allows the driver to be relieved of personal injury claims and negligent liability filed with a personal injury lawyer. If you need help with an accident that occurred due to a medical emergency, a Las Vegas accident lawyer at the Dobberstein Law Group may be able to assist you.