Mechanics Lien CaseIf you work in construction, you work hard and expect to be paid once a job is completed. However, in some instances, a client may withhold payment on a project. When this happens, you have various legal options. If you like, you can sue for breach of contract. However, many contractors choose to file a mechanic’s lien on the person’s property. In these situations, Las Vegas construction lawyers at the Dobberstein Law Group can be of assistance.

Who Can File a Mechanic’s Lien?
On a project where disputes arise, many people can file a mechanic’s lien for payment. Along with a job’s general contractor, subcontractors and suppliers can also file a lien is they so choose.

What Costs Can be Included in the Lien?
When a mechanic’s lien is filed, various costs can be included. For contractors, this means all costs associated with labor, materials, and related services. For subcontractors, costs can include value of materials, equipment rental costs, and hourly cost for services.

Local Laws and Mechanic’s Liens
Though it is relatively clear as to the costs that can be included in filing a mechanic’s lien, there are many variances regarding local laws and how they pertain to these liens. Since liens of this nature are very state-specific, in many cases individual counties within a state can set different standards for filing these liens. As a result, there may be different laws pertaining to how the lien must be formatted when being filed, the amount of time a person or company has to file a lien, and differences when filing liens on private or public property.

Due to the many complexities associated with mechanic’s liens, it is never a good idea to do this yourself. Rather than risk not getting paid for your hard work, let experienced Las Vegas construction lawyers at the Dobberstein Law Group handle your case.