probateLas Vegas Probate Attorney

Losing a family member or friend that was close to you is almost too much to bear. It’s a difficult time full of grief and tears. Though it may not be pleasant, the decedent’s last wishes need to be carried out through the probate process. Probate is a legal process that is put into place after a person has passed away. The probate process is commonly used to help resolve any disputes about the will or any other complex issues that need to be resolved.

The probate process is lengthy and may take some time. Many steps are included, such as

  • Verifying the decedent’s will as valid
  • The estate’s property is identified and then inventoried
  • Any necessary appraisals must be attained
  • All debts and taxes are then paid in full
  • Remaining property is then distributed to any beneficiaries

Even if the decedent dies without a will in place, the probate process is organized to help determine who will get the house or the money in the decedent’s retirement accounts, etc. Advice from your local elder law attorney in Las Vegas for such cases is invaluable for those suffering in this terrible time.

Such a complex process needs an experienced, local elder law attorney in Las Vegas. Having an attorney by your side can be a great asset at this difficult time. Dobberstein Law Group has years of experience with such cases and wants you and your loved ones to be taken care of.

Dobberstein Law Group is here to help guide you through this difficult process. We understand how hard this is for you and want to do whatever we can to make it easier. Allowing an attorney to handle your case can relieve some of your stress and allow you to grief properly. Contact our office today by phone or email to schedule your case consultation and discuss the next step for you and your loved ones in the probate process.