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GuardianshipGuardianship means to acquire the legal authority for decision making for someone else. The court appoints the person to make any decisions on behalf of another person. Parents have the right to make decisions for their children, while adults have the legal right to make their own decisions. However, in the case that that isn’t possible, there may be someone else that needs to take care for a child or adult. Such events can be difficult, letting a trusted and local Las Vegas family law attorney help you make such great decisions can allow you to gain a peace of mind that the right choice has been made.

If a child’s parents are both absent from their life, a guardian may need to be placed over a child. The guardian would also be in charge over the child’s assets that were inherited, which will protect those until the child is an adult.

If an adult is unable to care for his or herself whether from mental illness, disease, or mental deficiency or incapacity, then a guardian may be needed. Guardians are necessary when an adult is of a limited capacity as well, as in they may be able to make some decisions, but not all that are needed for their everyday living.

To determine which guardianship is best for your situation, contact Dobberstein Law Group to discuss your case. Allowing a trusted Las Vegas Guardianship attorney handle your case from start to finish can allow you spend quality time with those that are most important to you, as well as relieve some of the stress of a difficult situation. Our experienced attorney is here to help you and your loved ones get the help you need to continue with your lives.

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