lemon law defense lawyerYou paid good money for your car. You thought you got good money for value. However, the vehicle you purchased has turned out to be a lemon. It broke down soon after you drove it off the lot. If you have tried to contact the manufacturer to have it repaired and they have not responded, then you may need to pursue the matter legally. You should do so through a lawyer. Lemon law defense lawyers in Vegas help people who have been cheated and defrauded by car manufacturers.

Nevada lemon law covers vehicle non-conformities, and it defines the latter as a defect or condition that substantially impairs the use of the vehicle. As long as you have not made any modifications or alterations to the car, then you are covered under this law.

According to Nevada lemon law, manufacturers must repair any vehicle that does not meet a minimum standard of operability. You, as the consumer, must report the non-conformity to the manufacturer within the warranty time limit or one year after you purchased it. If the manufacturer cannot repair the defects, then they must replace it. They are allowed up to four attempts to repair the vehicle.

If the manufacturer of the vehicle is unable to repair it and unwilling to replace the vehicle, then you may need to act legally against them. To do so, you will need the help of an attorney who has insight into Nevada lemon law and has experience in handling these types of cases. If the situation cannot be resolved through informal negotiation, then you may need to sue the manufacturer. The lawsuit may not need to go all the way to trial. However, suing a bad faith car manufacturer will give your attorney additional powers to investigate and gather evidence against them.

The Dobberstein Law Group are lemon law defense lawyers in Vegas. If you have been sold a lemon and the manufacturer has not repaired or replaced the vehicle, then you should contact the Dobberstein Law Group.