motorcycle accodentMotorcycle accident injuries can fall into their own specific category in Nevada when it comes time to file a personal injury claim. There are many stereotypes associated with biking that could be a component of claim defenses when insurance companies and respondent parties are trying to shift blame for causing a mishap. There is no technicality too small for an insurance company adjuster when wanting to deny accident benefit claims, and the fact that a motorcycle was involved gives them ample room for a comparative negligence defense using those stereotypes. This is why it is vital to have Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys like Dobberstein Law Group representing the case who understand Nevada accident law and know what to expect from respondent insurance companies after a motorcycle accident injury.


Comparative Negligence Defense

Comparative negligence is the most common defense in Nevada motorcycle accident cases, which is the assertion that the injured motorcycle operator was largely responsible for causing the accident. Nevada law states that claimants must have lower comparative fault percentage than the respondent or a combination of respondents for any accident injury claim approval. Because of this minimal modified comparative negligence stipulation, insurance companies commonly force a case to trial for a jury determination.


What an Attorney Can Do

Most defendents will typically base their defense on the official accident report, but going to trial means there could still be details that could impact the case outcome. Your attorney from Dobberstein Law Group can conduct a thorough and independent investigation into the accident and craft a case minimizing personal fault while focusing on the negligence of the defendant. While official accident reports do play a major role in accident reconstruction, final say rests with the jury and many times details that are revealed in a trial can be impactful. Your attorney can also cross-examine any defense witnesses and bring other witnesses who can testify on behalf of the injured claimant.

Never accept the idea that you have no standing for a motorcycle accident injury claim merely because the responsible insurance company issues a benefit denial. You could very well still have a valid injury case. Nevada residents should always call Dobberstein Law Group Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys for comprehensive and aggressive legal representation.