fired employeeCOVID-19 is a disease that happened abruptly, and most people were caught by surprise by how huge an impact the disease had. Contracting the disease, therefore, is among the last wish anyone can ever have. If you happen to have become a victim, you probably wish it never occurred. Apart from dealing with the impact of the disease, your employer decided to serve you with a letter of termination of employment. As much as employers have a right to fire and hire, some reasons for firing employees like contraction of diseases amount to wrongful termination. Dobberstein Law Group, Las Vegas NV employment attorneys, have always helped employees like you who have been wrongfully terminated to secure their rights.

Importance of contacting Las Vegas NV employment attorneys
An employment attorney from Dobberstein Law Group understands the impact wrongful termination has on you. Employment laws entitle employees like you to sick leave in the event of sickness. COVID-19 falls within the spectrum of diseases; hence instead of firing you, what you deserved was a sick leave. Your employment attorney knows the various laws that apply to a situation like being fired after getting COVID. A law like Families First Coronavirus Response Act is a law that you might not be aware of, but your attorney is. The provisions of this law require employers to give employees facing the risk of COVID paid sick leave. Also, the Family and Medical Leave Act allows for an accumulative sick leave of twelve weeks per annum to each employee. Your attorney will therefore offer you all the legal advice you need so that you can decide to institute a wrongful termination suit.

Working with an employment attorney from Dobberstein Law Group gives you a chance to find guidance through every step of pursuing compensation. Your right to employment gets to be protected by all means.