A motorcycle accident is one of the most dangerous accidents anyone can experience. This is because in most cases it leads to very serious injuries. The injuries can sometimes result in permanent disability and huge medical bills.

There are many potential causes of motorcycle accidents. However, the most serious one is caused by motorcycles manufactured with defects.

Motorcycle defects usually result in severe injuries and anyone affected can file a product liability case against the company that manufactured the motorcycle. All you have to do is to hire an experienced Las Vegas accident lawyer to represent you.

Types of product liability

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and you are thinking to file a product liability case, it is important to understand the various types of product liability claims you can file in a court of law.

The most common product liability claims when it comes to motorcycles accidents include motorcycles that were made improperly or with defective parts. These claims usually have to do with a problem from the motorcycle manufacturer. The mistake may have been caused by human error.

Another common type of claim most people file results from the design of the motorcycle. The claimant will base his or her claim on the fact that the very design of the motor vehicle has the potential to cause an injury.

This means that although the motor vehicle was manufactured correctly, there is something or certain things in the design of the motorcycle that makes it more dangerous compared to ordinary motorcycle models.

However, proving that a motorcycle accident was caused by its design is not easy. You will need a highly experienced personal injury North Las Vegas to provide sufficient evidence before the judges.

Building a case

If you have decided to file a product liability lawsuit, then you need to build a strong case in order to increase your chances of winning. This process should start right after the accident has happened. Start by collecting all the necessary evidence that can be used in court.

Some of the crucial information may include when, where, and how the accident occurred, names of witnesses present as well as their contact information. You can also liaise with a North Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to assist you in collecting the evidence.

Besides, you will also need to properly document all the injuries and the type of treatment you received. This kind of information will help in determining the amount of compensation you will get.

If possible, you can go back to the scene of the accident together with your Las Vegas personal injury attorney to take photographic evidence.

Last but not least, record all conversations relating to your case. The conversation may include the ones you had with the police who responded to the accident, eyewitnesses, and the insurance company concerned.

You can’t have enough evidence as far as a product liability case is concerned. So, the best thing is to collect as much evidence as possible. But you should first speak to your Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney to find out which evidence is admissible in court.

Common types of motorcycle defects

  • Frame: No matter how small a future is in the frame of a bike, it can cause a serious accident
  • Engine: In most cases, you won’t expect your engine to stop performing without warning. But this sometimes happens if an engine is defective
  • Brakes: Brake failure is another common cause of serious motorcycle accident
  • Fuel tank: If a fuel tank has a manufacturing defect, it can lead to a serious gas leak.

Importance of personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas

Defective motorcycle lawsuits as complex. You need to hire a qualified and experienced lawyer from Dobberstein Law Group to increase your chances of being compensated.