summer injurySummer in Las Vegas is filled with fun and plenty of time outdoors. Unfortunately, along with the nice weather and plentiful activities, it’s also a season that results in certain injuries. These are summertime personal injury cases that are the most common.

Road Accidents

Many more people are out on the road during the summer. In addition to regular cars, more people are out riding motorcycles, bicycles and other types of vehicles and all have to share the roads. Sadly, with the summer being a season where many people are on vacation or off for holidays, drinking alcohol is also more common. When a person gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, even if they think they’re well enough to drive, a road accident can ensue. These accidents can lead to serious injuries, causing more people to file personal injury claims.

Water and Swimming Accidents

The searing heat of the summer means more people hit their local community pool. However, pools can be dangerous when people aren’t careful and when certain problems arise. If the area around the pool is constantly slippery, it can easily lead to a slip and fall accident and personal injury. Drowning is another tragic thing that can happen, especially to children who are not carefully monitored. Accidents can occur if there are no lifeguards working while people are in the pool as well.

Amusement Park Accidents

Summer is amusement park season. While the parks offer lots of fun and thrills from a variety of rides, accidents can still happen. If a person gets injured while on a ride, it can be very serious. This usually happens when the safety belt that secures riders in is faulty. Other accidents can occur as a result of slippery, sticky surfaces from spilled food.

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