closing your homeClosing is the finalization of a real estate deal. You accept the buyer’s offer, set a closing date and transfer the property to the buyer. During this process, consult a lawyer to smooth out the details. Take these important steps to ensure that the closing of your home is successful.


Ensure Success When Closing Your Home

If you need to close quickly, ask your buyer to get a pre-approval loan. Your payment is guaranteed, and you don’t have to wait additional days or weeks for it to clear.

Review the contingency plan in case something goes wrong. A contingency is an escape clause that requires the buyer and seller to meet certain conditions before moving on to the next step. Know all of the conditions that protect the buyer and the seller.

Review the closing disclosure that describes the details of the process. Review the closing costs, other fees that must be paid and other requirements. Since there are many legal terms included, it may be more effective to hire one of many Vegas NV real estate attorneys to look over it.


How Can An Experienced Real Estate Attorney Help?

Before you sign, have a real estate attorney discuss the details of your complicated legal documents. Have one explain legal terms and concepts to you and make negotiations with the buyer or seller. In the end, make sure that your closing deal is fair and accurate.


What Can an attorney from the Dobberstein Law Group Do to Help?

Some states require buyers or sellers to obtain lawyers to handle the closing of their real estate transactions. Even if you don’t need a lawyer, you should consider getting one or you’ll spend hours doing legal research that you barely understand. The Dobberstein Law Group has experienced Vegas NV real estate attorneys who are prepared to walk you through every step of the process.