old woman assaulted by the manIn cases of assault, a judge can determine it to be a misdemeanor or a felony. In these cases, the judge will use the facts of the case to decide if it was just assault or aggressive, also known as aggravated, assault. This differentiation can have two completely set of consequences for the offender, so it is imperative to know the difference between them. Criminal attorneys in Las Vegas can help you understand what a court decision’s impact can have on you and your future. Vegas assault lawyers can also work to help prove your perspective of the incident and show why you should get less jail time, if applicable. The Dobberstein Law Group will help you if you have to go to court for an assault case.

The Difference Between Assault and Aggressive Assault
Assault in both forms means that an act was intentionally done to make a person fear that they were about to be harmed. When it comes to assault versus aggressive assault, the events following the initial act and the outcome are closely examined to figure out what the entire act should be deemed. One of the main differences between the two is if the person was actually struck in the encounter. For example, assault would be if person A drew their fist back in an attempt to hit another person in close proximity. However, in that same example, if person A actually hit the person multiple times causing injury, this could be considered aggressive assault. Aggressive assault is also ruled when a deadly weapon is used in the incident. Another difference is that assault is considered a misdemeanor while aggressive assault is a felony and can result in much more severe consequences.

If you have to go to court for an assault charge, you need to hire criminal attorneys in Las Vegas to defend you. Vegas assault lawyers thoroughly know the law and can prove to the court if you have only committed assault versus aggressive assault. Contact the Dobberstein Law Group so that we can help you.